Sunday, 22 March 2009

MGB clutch

While weather was nice, I decided to do an easy job outside on the drive. I thought the seal on the slavecylinder had just perished of old age, so I changed that for a nice new slave. Then started to bleed the clutch. It worked fine for a while and then it felt as if something was stuck. Then the rubber hose exploded. Messy. So I ordered a new hose and mastercylinder too. Changed the hose and all seemed well at bleeding. I used an Easybleed again with very low pressure. Leaked all over the master. Now the clutch works fine, but I'm not sure if the slight seepage of fluid onto my nice rubber mat is leftover from the mess the easybleed made or a leak from the master. Oh well I'll throw the easybleed out and drive the MG for a while.