Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tire change for the Gipsy

The Gipsy was still running on the tiny 205 tires. I had borrowed the larger 7.50's for the Bronco and Jeep CJ. Now the Bronco has gone and the Cj has the smaller 30" on 15 rims,the Gipsy could have the old wheels back. They fit the Gipsy much better, no problem at all for the suspension or transmission. Not the sensationally awful sway the Bronco gave with these tires, or the clipperlike leaning the Cj developed. The Gipsy was overgeared with the smaller wheels and now I can cruise at a better speed. I used my old bubble balancer to balance the wheels and it worked very well! No wobble or bounce!

Small wheels to go.

The bubble Balancer!

Ready for fitting.

All done. I have even wirebrushed the underbody and sprayed it with anti-rust compound and Waxoyl!