Friday, 9 July 2010

Mini Oilleak and Gastestertoy

There was a nasty oil leak. I suspected various seals, but it almost looked like the oil came from the dipstick hole. Really strange. I thought maybe the crankcase breather was blocked, but it turned out the (not very old)oil-pressure sender on the block was squirting oil all over the front of the engine. The nylon bit had sprung a leak.

I was lucky to have a nice old one in the old parts bin. Fitted that one and the leak was gone. It even worked, the oilpressure warning light went out!

Also received my new Gunson Gastester. Experimented on the Mini and it seems to work well, though it's fiddly and needs a lot of waiting and calibrating. I'm keen to see how it works at setting up the Lpg-cars. Verdict now is:" probably not very good"

I was a bit disappointed though, that the gasbox at the back of the machine kept falling off because of the really unsticky tape used.

To top off a nice and sweaty day, I fitted the SimonBloc electronic ignition unit into the distributor. Really nice and I can revert to points and condensor if it ever gives any trouble on the road. That'll be another long-term test. For now it runs very nice indeed.