Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wolseley Clutch

Started working on changing the clutch and leaky seals on the Wolseley.
First job is to remove the engine from the car. The exhaust was the most timeconsuming job as I needed the manifold to separate from the exhaust without breaking it. Yes, it's that dreaded "S- extractor manifold" mated to the "linford modified RC40 exhaust. Now I have to remember to put the manifold back into the engine bay at the moment the engine is almost in position as because when the engine is fully in place the manifold will not go in....

Extracting the manifolds.

The scary bit: the engine dangling over the car...

Gently pushing the car to safety.

Engine out(actually engine,radiator, gearbox primary drive and diff). Time for a break.