Friday, 30 March 2012

Wolseley Ten Carburator fix

Now the Wolseley is up and running, I can expect some teething troubles I suppose. The carb was flooding and after a short run the engine started missing. Also quite a bad oil leak from the rocker box cover, onto the manifold, made for some interesting smog inside the car.

The carburetor needed some cleaning and a new needle valve cured the flooding. After a lot of searching I found the sparkplugs to be wrong. Changing them to some fresh and fitting sparkplugs made for a much better and driveable car. The new rockerbox gasket wouldn' t fit, so I made a temporary gasket from some rubber sheet.To my surprise it worked!

Still lots of things to do, but the car gets better all the time. I even managed to take it to the shops without any mishap. It's an automobile at last!