Friday, 19 October 2012

Wolseley 18/85s pipe dream

This is a sight quite a few Landcrab owners dread. The good thing is that our Wolseley decided to slump at home. 
It looked like the Hydrolastic hose into the displacer had burst, so the carrier had to come off. Of course the outer bolt broke. Rusted solid in the alloy cradle fixed to the bottom of the car. 
With the whole unit off it was obvious the hose and displacer were fine. The pipe had corroded after all.
The cradle was taken to a machine shop to have the broken bolt machined out.
Here's the cradle with the bolt removed and the thread restored. I found a perfect bolt in one of my rustbuckets.
Before remounting the suspension the surface rust was attacked with a wire brush, several antirust compounds and quite a bit of Waxoyl and cavity wax.
The fixed unit in place.
Now for the burst pipe. The corroded part was cut off...
And a new steel pipe silver soldered on. I think the new bend came out well..
The flange was replaced with a new copper one made by the local plumber. Also silver soldered on. 
Before putting the pressure on, the pump needed a bit of service. This is a rare view of the inside.
After this the car was pumped up and test driven over several nasty bumps without losing stance. 
So all seems well suspended again. Time to trailer some trash...