Monday, 22 April 2013

Wolseley New Ten Spring run

With a a new roof on the Wolseley Ten it seemed like a good idea to use that car for a spring event. As it's the first long run for our new Wolseley it also turned out to be something of adventure. Luckily the car broke down only slightly on the way to the event. We managed to return home and fix the broken oil pipe and try again. We were a bit late, but the car ran fine and could even maintain a reasonable 80kms on the longer stretches.
 Even though we were late, it seemed most of the entrants were still at the start
Quite a few different Austins, like this "Eight"
The Wolseley attracted attention.
 When we'd finally started the run we had to stop for some repairs..
Not to the Wolseley, but this Vandenplas had stopped. A lovetap on the old SU fuel pump cured that though.
This is what our Wolseley looks like from Karl's following DS. Nice bonnet.
Another unwilling car. This Allegro decided to run on three.
"Olive" showed how pretty the old Austins were
Our drive home went without problems. Proof the Wolseley can be used for longer drives now. There was a slight leak off the rear hub, but inspection showed no oil on the brakes. That's a relief. Fixed the gasket, so it should be fine now.
See more pictures of the event  here