Monday, 23 September 2013

Citroën DS, "Le temps dit" A field full of Lemons?

Can't say they're all Lemons of course as they are so pretty and prettiest DS to me is this version with the four lights. 
Some do break down to a state of incontinence though, at the end of a trail of Hydraulique..
But they all know how to strike a pose!
Very dandy this Cabriolet

Another field of "3rd noses"
 Can't help it, but this is the rusty favourite, though slightly too shiny
Contemporary models were invited too
Simple mechanicals made quirky
"l homme qui rit" A bit Cheesy...
But prettiest 2 cv. Especially inside
Nobody understood how our car floated on water. They only know "Hydraulique"here. Interestingly ugly red truck makes our Wolseley look almost sleek.
Boats also float on water of course. A nice set of historic vessels turned up too
"Conversion" not convinced yet.
C' est le ton quit fait la musique!
Swedish design can be quirky too
Time capsule exhibits
To be boldly confused with Peugeot.
Same design principle as DS with platform frame and bolted on panels. Looks traditional compared to DS though.
"Vitesse" although a French word adorns a British car here. With a tiny 6 cylinder engine. Something I think  the DS should have had.
Another Hydrolastic MG next to a Leafy Opel
Variomatic  Daf next to even more compact Mini
Morris Minor Traveler 
Roadside assistance 2cv
Tool kit
Still not a rare car. And that's a good thing.
Not broken down, but preparing for three wheeled ballet.

Still not a place I'd like to play much...

Little brother...
..and big brother to DS with preference to SM