Monday, 13 June 2016

Belgian Gourmand explorations

Trying out some Camper- camping at the annual Austin-Morris-Riley-Wolseley club weekend. Very comfortable and cozy.
We hitched a ride into the town of Overijse for some  very good dinner on friday night.

The entrant's cars were easily identified by this professional looking rally plate
Reserved parking before the start of the run on Saturday morning
 When did you last see a Maxi drive past your breakfast table?
We were treated to some excellent "Patisserie"
Making up for lost time on their way to the wine tasting?
First to the Orchid museum. Never knew such a thing existed.
Beautiful grapes...
..and local wines.
While the front runners are looking for a place to turn around, the lone Maxi takes the right turn.
Back on track now
Mind the thisles...
Sunday to church and more old town attractions