Monday, 21 November 2016

Wolseley engine swap: starting preparations

The engine in the Wolseley is using too much oil by now and smoking most annoyingly. So we really need to fix this issue. Here we have the spare engine. It's from an abandoned Princess 1800 project. There are some indications this might even be  a low milage engine so it should be good, but there are some issues to attend to before we can drop it into our trusty Wolseley. First job is to fix the mangled oil drain plug. When this engine is fitted we can see if it's goo enough. If it's good enough it'll stay. Otherwise it'll keep the Wolseley on the road until the old engine is rebuilt.
The plug just pulled out. the thread was all gone.

On the right the old plug with the thread still attached. left the new oversized plug. 
Repair kit includes several sizes of oversize plugs and taps to cut an oversize thread.

The new oil drain plug in place.