Thursday, 22 December 2016

Saving Bluebell: stuck 1800 clutch

Here's the patient waiting for a new heart.  The original engine is stuck fast, so to fix this the engine will need a full rebuild. But we had two spare engines  for the Wolseley.  One is in that car now, but the austin can borrow the other. Just so we can concentrate on fixing the bodywork and brakes. 
Even though we turned the engine over to prevent seizure of the pistons in the bores, we found the clutch was stuck on. When we took the cover off the clutch we found the release bearing loose  too. 

The clutch plate was stuck to the pressure plate, but once we had it out it could be freed by a light tap with a hammer. Easy.

Reassembling the primary drive took a little more effort as the transfer gear was stuck on the bearing.

It was not very stuck, but we made sure it came out straight and undamaged using  a puller. 

Then it was just a case of mounting the gears before replacing the cover. Now we have a working clutch. 
To be continued..