Monday, 10 April 2017

Sunny MGF Spring run

It was a nice change to be a passenger in this pretty and very comfortable MGF.
This was the annual Spring run of our car club. There were quite a few Morris Minors.

 I can say this particular car is one of my favourite Rileys.
 A nice Austin 1300GT in racy Yellow.
 So where did our run take us?

To this great small Saab museum.
Even though there were only nine Saabs in the collection, they were very special Saabs. 

 Reserved parking for our club cars
 This is art, but not as we know it. Great stuff!
The run took us on scenic narrow roads. 
 Good Lunch too!
 Always pretty these Travelers!
At the finish location. Ready for the run home again. It was another great day out!