Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Goodbye Wolseley New Ten

Sometimes less is more they say. With one Austin more it seemed like a good idea to have one Wolseley less. Today the new keeper of the Wolseley drove the car home. I expect the car will provide many more pleasant miles. The Wolseley has come a long way from the wreck that was pushed on the trailer years ago.
 This was how it was. A rolling shell with boxes of parts to be reassembled.
 Only a few rusty bits, so not much welding.
 Deciding the colour took a while.
 All the panels painted and ready for reassembly.
 A little engine fettling.
 Almost ready for the rear wings.
 Mostly there. After the first drive.
Here the Wolseley together with it's replacement the Austin Seven Opal, at the 2016 Elfsteden Rally. Fond memories!