Tuesday, 21 August 2018

1928 Singer 128K and Dürkopp surprise box

 Maybe I should not have visited the second hand shop. There were not many sewing machines this time except two closed cases without keys. One was a Singer. The lock on the Singer was easy to open, but I could't open the Dürkopp. The Singer turned out to be quite a pretty 128k. 
 The serial number tells me this is a November 1928 machine
 Bright red and gold decorations on the bed corners
 Decoration on the bed looks worn. This machine has worked for a living.
 The usual sturdy 128 mechanicals. Everything moves freely.
This Dürkopp has obviously been in damp storage. The wood veneer has come off in places.
Finally I got the case off. The key form a Gazelle fitted. The veneer inlays have come off the top of the wood. In general it looks very similar to the Singer 128k.
 Another solid machine. No accessories except a second shuttle. Always useful.
Very simple decorations. It looked like the triangular badge was slapped over the decal. Not like you would expect of such a quality manufacturer. Maybe someone added this badge at a later date for some reason.