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Friday, 28 August 2020

MGF Headlight swap: a set of new Bifocals

One of the issues of the MGF is that the reflectors in the headlamps go dull. Not the lens as it's made of glass, but the plastic reflector. 
Here you can see it clearly. This will not pass the safety inspection, so we'll need to change the lamp. 
Though reflectors are available separately, they are hard to find, so it is best to use a set of "refurbished" headlamps fitted with new reflectors. To replace the headlights the bumper needs to come off. Though inconvenient and time consuming it is surprisingly easy. 
After carefully unclipping he indicators there are two large bolts at the front. And several more under the bonnet. 
And two on either side of the bumper inside the wing. For this the front of the plastic wing liner needs to be unscrewed and moved aside. While I had these parts exposed I soaked the inner wing and chassis parts with Waxoyl to prevent rust. 
With the bumper removed it is easy to reach the fittings of the lamps. There are two nuts on top and one screw on the side under the front of the wing. 
With the new lamps in place and tested it was time to refit the bumper. 
Job done. Now I can clearly see a bright future ahead for the MGF!