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Wednesday, 2 September 2020

MGF Headlamp failure and door handle failure


After buying a set of refurbished headlamps I was confident the MGF would pass the annual safety test, but I was very disappointed that the tester could not adjust one of the lights correctly. It took us quite a while to see that the culprit was an incorrect lens fitted to the right hand headlamp. It had a left hand lens fitted. 
With the headlamp apart the nice new reflector is evident. 
Here they are two identical left hand lenses. They are handed. The tester removed the correct lens from the old headlamp to fit it to the new one. 
Of course the bumper needed to come off again. Not so bad now we know how to. 
Here the headlamps are back in the car and it's a pass?
Well..actually no ! Now the door handle does not open the door anymore, so we have another fail situation. It was working fine yesterday, so something must have dropped off. I couldn't see very well into the door, so I took the car home to fix. 
After some fiddling (took a while) the handle is out and I could see this rather short screw has broken out of the plastic. Using a longer screw and superglue I could refit the plastic and a new screw. 
It attaches to this lever. 
Here the new screw is back in place and the handle works again. 
Finally we have a pass! Isn't it fun playing with old cars?