Sunday, 4 May 2008

Elfstedentocht in the Austin Seven

Here we go. The "Elfstedentocht voor oldtimers". A run of 255 kms through 11 cities in Friesland for cars built before 1949. That means it's probably the biggest event of the kind in the country. MAybe Europe. 500 cars entered. So there were massive queues and lots of overheated cars. But it was fun!

How does the 14 litre Lafrance compare to the DS-supportvehicle?
No waterleak!

Plenty of specialist advice!

We didn't like the queues either so we decided to run the run and skip the queues. So we didn't get the plaque, but felt we had more fun instead! The recently repaired radiator and brakes worked fine.

Final tweek to the brakes
Sadly the second Austin Seven of our "team" didn't finish. Despite the fact that a new headgasket was found and fitted at the campsite. After the start of the run water ran out of a broken waterpipe. A new one couldn't be found, so the Austin Tourer was towed on the trailer. The Special went fine, but the queues were not to its liking.
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