Thursday 27 February 2020

Pfaff 92 sewing machine 1962

 This Pfaff 92 must have been a very modern looking machine in the early sixties. It was very kindly donated by the family of the original owner.It was a bit stuck, but I got it free with some warm air and lots of oil. The drive wheel had a slight  wobble, but I cleaned it up with a little file and it works well now. As a test I Sewed a little pouch for the wires and pedal. It sews well. I used the thread already on the machine. Only needed to thread the needle. Amazingly quality!
 Manufactured in 1962 the machine still looks very clean. The owner took very good care of it.
 The motor is under the grey cover at the right. Othewise the machine looks strong and simple.
 A complete set of manuals. One for the actual machine.
 And a comprehensive guide to sewing.
 We have a complete set of fancy cam disks for decorative stitcing.
The cams fit inside this dial on top of the machine.
Look at the similarities. The white on is a later 1969 Pfaff 9 with an external motor, but the castings look very similar.