Wednesday 4 April 2018

Fridor Sewing machine: Made in the Holland with Swiss design.

What a wonderful birthday present! A very interesting machine. It is a Fridor. A slightly wacky design from the late Fourties, produced through the Fifties.
 Made in Holland presumably with help from the Swiss Helvetia manufacturer.
How about this shiny bullet shaped flywheel?
The overall architecture reminds me of the Elna though. Also a Swiss machine, but designed by a Spaniard.
The Fridor is a free arm model with a removable platform.
There was a bad connection in the wall plug. Here it is being repaired very professionally. Apart from the plug the feed dog mechanism was disconnected from the feed dog switch. We found that the two screws securing the switch were loose, so the lever disconnected from the rod to the dog mechanism. Not difficult to fix.
Now the machine ran, but for some reason the feed dogs didn't lift up high enough to move the material.

Initially it seemed there was some wear on the nylon cam lifting the feed dogs, but it was possible to adjust the cam timing to lift the dogs enough to get the feed dogs operational again.

 So now we're sewing again!