Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Jeep CJ 5 Weber float valve trouble

The Jeep was running too rich, so I cleaned the carburettor and adjusted the mixture. All was well for a few days until the Jeep refused to start.
Our Jeep has a 2 litre Ford Pinto Engine with a Weber DGV as used in the Capri and Granada, so it looks a bit different from most Cjs.
I was starting to wonder if I'd need a new Weber or maybe an SU-conversion, but some dismantling showed only a blocked float valve. With the top off the carb it was clear that the float chamber was completely empty, while there was a good flow of fuel to the inlet. Maybe working on the fuel system had dislodged some debris that blocked the valve. 
After this the car started fine, so it seems the Weber will stay for now as the car has plenty of power with this setup. 
While working on the Weber I did notice one of the fuel lines had become hardened and brittle, so I replaced the older fuel lines and the hose clamps.

I used this modern universal fuel line that should be suitable for use with modern Ethanol base fuels. 


Frosty Photo day


Sunday, 12 December 2021

Thursday, 25 November 2021

MGB demister demystification


For some reason the demister on this MGB never worked very well. To be honest, when I investigated the cause of this malfunction I found there was a good reason why: part of the system was missing and the air ducts to the demisters were not properly connected to the airbox so it could not have worked well for all those years I've owned the car.  

This was very hard to see and I needed to crawl into the tight space in the footwell.  Here you can see the rather tight work area, but with a torch I could just see how the plastic hose was just randomly inserted into the airbox. Some air might have been able to reach the windscreen, but messing around with the radio and electric connections had displaced the loose hoses, so now there was no airflow at all. I never wondered much about this, as it is an old car and demisting was accomplished by wiping the screen with a rag and driving with the window and quarterlights open anyway. It occurred to me this was probably not the way the car was designed, so I decided to investigate.  
Having found the flaw I cut two short ends of pipe and inserted these between the plastic and the two corresponding holes in the airbox. 
Here you can see the flexible hose refitted. You will understand I could not photograph the actual connection as I was working mostly by feel. It sounds easy, but I found it an uncomfortable task I'd rather have delegated to some contortionist.
Having a working demister, I decided I would like a better temperature gauge too( the old one is always reading low), so I fitted an old one I had scrounged from a scrap-Mini years ago. Much better. Now where do I keep a good fuel gauge?

Sunday, 31 October 2021

Monday, 18 October 2021

Wolseley Amrwr autumn run

It was another good run in our Wolseley 18/85s to the other side of the flat country.

Monday, 11 October 2021