Thursday, 22 December 2022

Peugeot Starter motor problem

Very considerately the Peugeot 405 refused to start in the morning. This could have happened somewhere much less convenient. Still a problem that needed to be solved as I want a reliable car. It had hesitated to start a few times, so I thought it might be the battery or even an earthing problem. But in the end the car would only start after a tap on the solenoid. I heard a little "thunk" and then the car started easily.  
I decided the solenoid was definitely suspect and, as this a "new to us" car,  buying a new starter looked like the most reliable option to reach optimum reliability.   
I found it is not as easy to buy a new starter for such a "modern" as it is for our usual old cars as there are various starters available for this engine. The most probable replacement looked very different from the one I took out of the car. It was a great relief that this new starter did work and to celebrate I also treated the car to a new set of spark plugs. Now our "Josephine" starts and performs as smooth as a French limousine should.  Vraiment ça marche très bien!


Monday, 21 November 2022

Workshop reshuffle

While clearing out the rubbish left in the garage after a messy rebuild of the roof on our house, I decided a second workbench would be a good addition. I also moved all the crates that were on a shelf to the shelf under the new workbench. This feels much safer as there will be fewer itens that can fall from the shelf onto an unsuspecting car. The photo above shows the new bench. I wonder how long I can keep the worksurface clear. Below the number one bench at the other end. 


Monday, 24 October 2022

2007 trip to Queensland video re-edited



In 2007 we traveled to Queensland and made a roundtrip, driving paved and unpaved roads. Visiting places like Cairns, Cooktown, Cape Tribulation, Chilligoe, Dimbulah. Laura, Etty Bay, Irvinebank and Kuranda

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Australia outback roads highlights re-edited video (2005)

I re-edited some video highlights of our 2005 trip to Australia. Amazing nature and beautiful desert and tropical forest tracks. It was an unforgettable adventure.



Australian Landcrab meeting video (2005)


In 2005 we made a trip to Australia. There we attended a meeting of the Australian Landcrab club. Here's a re-edit of the video I made back then.

Sunday, 9 October 2022

Friday, 7 October 2022

Wolseley 18/85 Waterpump change


Even though the water pump was changed when the new engine was fitted, I noticed a slight bearing like noise from the waterpump and maybe a small leak.
This is the new pump. It looks
This is the new pump at the top of the photo. It looks much beefier than the one it replaces. I found there were several versions of this pump just for the MGB and at least two for the 1800 specifically. The one on the engine was a good match for a common MGB pump, so finding a spare will be easy. Removing the old pump is only a little bit fiddly, but the only problem encountered was that the bolts on the old pump were shorter so I had to search for longer bolts in my storage bucket for old bolts.   

Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Austin Ten Conway visits the Dutch Pre War Austin Seven Autumn run

Here's a video of our sunday drive in the AustinTen to the Dutch Pre war Austin Seven Owners Autumn event. It was a sunny day and we visited the small but splendid BMW collection in Beusichem. This is a collection of early BMW cars and of course there were several of the Austin-related Dixis.