Monday 19 February 2024

Peugeot 405 boot lock repair

 The boot lock on the Peugeot 405 would not open. I suspected an electric problem. After trying many times the lock suddenly opened. I checked connections and oiled the moving parts and all seemed well for a while. Until one day the lock refused to open, no matter what I tried. 

I thought of drilling the lock, but I found pushing the lock farther broke the plastic lip. Now the boot opened, but I would need a new lock. 

This is the locking mechanism. The brown part is the latching part and the white plastic thing is the actual lock. The lock operates the latch by a metal rod. Another rod connects the electric motor to the latch.

It took quite a while before I realised the two halves of the lock are separated by removing the two screws and the rubber gasket. With the the two halves separated you can remove the lock from the housing and levers. 

The new lock comes with a new gasket and two keys. 
The lock reassembled and working well. 
I decided not to refit the electric motor. So now it's an old fashioned manual lock.

Monday 12 February 2024

Singer 128 1915


The second machine is a nice Singer 128. 

This well used machine comes complete with a manual and a receipt dated 4th of June 1915. Very special. 

Singer Twelve new Family 1898


Two Singer sewing machines were very kindly donated to the Rusty collection Sewing Machine section. The first is a Singer Twelve New Family, Manufactured in 1898, making this the latest of our three Twelves. 
There's a well worn manual with this machine and a hand-written letter dated 1955 with instructions how to use this old machine. 

Trabant on the road

 Though the weather is still cold and wet, the Trabant couldn't wait to come out to play.    

Wednesday 31 January 2024

New Weber 32/36 DGV carburetor for the Jeep CJ

It was about time to replace the old Weber 32/36 DGV on the Ford Pinto engine in the Jeep CJ. It still worked, but the car was complicated to start because the electric choke mechanism was broken. I had replaced it with a manual conversion of sorts but starting still required some clever manipulating a manual throttle control for cold starting. There are comprehensive rebuild kits, but I decided on a new carburetor for a fresh start.   

This is the Spanish version of the Weber 32/36 DGV with a manual choke. 

The differences are clear: the right one is a dirty old thing and the left one is new and shiny. 

here you can see this is a twin choke of 32 and 36 mm diameter. 

The Air filter was very dirty and clearly overdue for replacement. 

After removal I cleaned the mating surfaces and gaskets. 

New carburetor in place
New filter


Monday 29 January 2024

MGB Safety belts (Safety Fast)

Frayed safety belts are not safe enough, so I ordered a kit of inertia reel belts to replace the old fixed belts.  
Fitting them was not difficult as the kit came with most of the fittings necessary. Except for one important bracket. 
I noticed the inertia reels don't fit in the existing fixing points. A bespoke bracket exists, but I found they were sold out. 
I scrounged my scrap metal bin and found these very sturdy brackets. Actually they are two halves of the safety cable fitting for a tow bar. I think they are strong enough and their patina matches the rest of the car perfectly. I might paint them later. Maybe.  
New belts in place. Though I would have preferred to use fixed belts as they don't need the extra brackets, the self adjusting inertia reel belts are much easier to use. So I call this a success! 


Thursday 7 December 2023

Trabant final test and pass


After some tweaking and adjusting we finally took the Trabant to it's final test and all our work was rewarded with a resounding "Pass", so as soon as the weather clears, the Trabant can travel the German roads again with improvements like: all new brakes and brakelines, welded floors, rustproofing and emergency flashers.