Thursday 21 November 2019

Husqvarna Combina 3010 sewing machine ca 1967

This is a rather more modern machine than most of the machines in our collection. This one was bought new probably around 1967 and now we have inherited this family heirloom. That means we know where it came from and who used it, so it deserves a special place in the collection. 
 It comes with a full set of documents, but the warranty certificate details were not recorded, so we can't trace the exact selling date. 
 The machine is complete with lots of accessories, including an oil can. This machine can make various stitches and zig-zags. Here's is a link to a video about this model if you want to see a demonstration.
 It was bought locally and never left the town of Nijmegen until today.
 It is a free arm machine with an additional table.
 Though we don't have the exact date of manufacture, the 5-67 might mean the document was printed in 1967.
The accessories box folds under the foot
And when all the hard work is done you can pack the machine in this neat case.