Monday 11 November 2019

Singer 15 NL-K "Nostalgia" series Sewing machine

 This is another interesting find. I didn't find it myself but received it as a kind donation to the ever expanding Sewing machine display. The machine design is very much like a Singer 15 should be, but it looks brand new and extremely shiny.
 There are differences that might point to the possibility of this one being a "Clone" The paint is indeed very shiny and the gold of the "RAF" decorations has a more yellow sheen than the Singer decorations of the old machines. 
Checking on shows that this machine was actually manufactured in the Singer factory Taiwan in the Seventies as a "Nostalgia"series.
 The decorations look pretty, though it is more of a yellow paint.
 They look more "printed" too.
There is even a "Bentwood" case, though the wood is more a more simple ply rather than a veneer.
 The metal parts have modern chrome that is very light and you can see scratches under the chrome. 
 The mechanical parts also show that these machines are not as well made as the original machines. But like a good Singer everything works flawlessly, though a little more noisily.
 These "Singer" branded accessories look very convincing. 
 "Singer" branding under the bed.
 All these variations make it another worthy addition to the collection. There's just one important question to solve now: Should it be kept with the Singers or should we regard it as a "clone"?