Tuesday 26 March 2019

Another Anker RR Sewing machine (c.a.1956)

Today I found another beautiful Anker RR sewing machine manufactured in Bielefeld, Germany. Both machines were originally sold by the same supplier. The only difference is the case.
This one has a painted footbox with a cover that clips in place.
The older machine comes in a luggage case. 
 They are both Anker RR. The older one was sold in 1956
 Avery sturdy machine
As this serial number is higher we can assume this machine was manufactured a little after 1956 as  there is a bill of sale dating the other machine to that year.
They both come with identical Dutch manuals
After some lower tension adjustments the machine made short work of hemming a set of workpants legs. 

 This is the 1956 machine

The green Ankers look much more modern than this Treadle machine, but mechanically they are very similar.