Saturday, 26 March 2011

Jeep J10 exhaust problems

For some reason the exhaust never seemed to be right since the gearbox repair.

The connection to the manifold was leaking and there was a leak at one of the connections under the floor.

It took some effort to take apart but finally I managed a good seal with a new sealing ring. and some new clamps on the exhaust. The old ring was in very bad condition because of the exhaust pipe moving and blowing.

Now the exhaust runs over the chassis too as I added another bend. Previously the right-hand bend was just turned down. I also noticed it's time for another Waxoyl and anti-rust compound session.

Now the exhaust exits from under the side of the cargo-box in stead of between the chassis rails.

The test run was very nice in a silently running Jeep.