Monday, 25 September 2006

Austin Gipsy: an easy project.....

This is how the Gipsy looked when I got it. It was an easy project, so I thought at 25-9-2004. Nice flames and Jeep fender flares...............
Racy wheel...
Jeep rear lights and interesting graphics.
Ready for home.
Another view of those flames.
Interesting layout.
Work started by sanding the paint.
New steering components.
Suspension parts and driveshafts.
plenty of chequerplate.
Donorcar yields correct seatplatform panels.
And seats.
Brake job
Universal journals...
More UJ's
A whole lot of UJ's on this car!
very useful donor car.
Lots of useful parts here.
This one yealds a hardtop and seat, but is moved on to a new owner who gets it back on the road in no time!
The Buggy painted
And finally a driveable Gipsy. At least a year later....