Friday, 13 May 2011

Gipsy Cab top

Trial fitted the pickup hardtop on the Gipsy.

I think it looks just right, though it will need some fixing and paint.

It is much lighter than the full length hardtop. Much thinner layup too. Easy to mount.

The paint on the rear panel is almost non existent. Only a few flakes remain..

The old LPG vapouriser was totally worn out, so I had a new one fitted and professionally tuned, so te Gipsy runs much better now. Maybe I'll even get some economy too.

Also fitted an electronic ignition unit. The simple kind you can alway change back to the good old points. I keep a set of points, rotor and condensor in the car for emergencies. I fitted the electronic set for ease of maintenance. Nothing wrong with points, but sometimes I forget to change them.....