Thursday, 10 October 2013

Brown sugar Maestro

This slightly tired and grubby looking Maestro 1300 was just delivered at our doorstep to join the rusty collection. Some wonder why I got a Maestro. Not because it is a rare classic, but because the one (1600R) we had years ago was such a pleasant car. Just sitting behind that strangely designed dash makes me feel good. It was our first "modern" car and now they're old cars, so this one deserves a place in the collection. It has basically the same A-engine as our Mini and Minor, so there's some continuity too. And with the Montego it must have been the last Austin. This one has a few issues though: engine idles very roughly. It wouldn't even start when delivered. The carburetor is messed up, ignition misfires,temp gauge not working, engine fan thermostat not working,damaged rear wheelarch,bald tires, leaky exhaust, trim missing, dull paint and scary noises from the front suspension.
The body is quite sound, but there is a little rust and the paint is dull from standing outside. 
The interior is in very good condition. There are a few items missing or worn, but the headliner is almost perfect. The seats were recovered at some time.  
Some plastic trim is missing, like this cover for the wiper hole. 
A very Eighties design feature for storing cassettes.
Pretty vinyl seats and headliner and headliner will benefit from some cleaning, but are all worth it.
Band aid exhaust will go sometime soon.