Monday, 21 December 2015

Jeep XJ Baby Wagoneer rusty floor fix

After several decades of living out doors and driving the salted winter roads, the floor of the Baby Wagoneer were not a pretty sight. It was obvious all the rust needed to be cut out and repair panels welded in.
 The repair panels were made from flat steel and plug welded. This is the passenger side floor pan.
Plug welding by MIG is a good alternative to spot welding and is less prone to cause fire and distortions like seam welding. Also I find it easier in confined spaces and when you follow the factory seams as far as possible it looks tidy. If you use plenty of plug welds closely together it's at least as strong as the factory spot welds too.

 The driver side floor pan was bad too.

So another repair panel was made up to replace the "ventilated" panel.
Here you can see some of the bad panels removed from the car. And the repaired floor photographed from below before sealing and painting.