Friday, 29 September 2017

Moving Sheds to the Studio

Though the old barn is very pretty it was time to move on. 
This is what we found. Not very historic or picturesque, but extremely practical and above all, upstairs there was ample space for a studio for painting.  
 The first thing I did was, to buy a new broom.
Then it was time for some practical woodwork to divide "loft" into separate storage and studio spaces.
Meanwhile the boarders came to inspect their new home. "Smaller,but very cosy, " was the verdict of Emilia the Wolseley:"we're staying!"
The MiniVan got to work and moved a lot of stuff.
Just like the Wagoneer didn't flinch at hauling trash or treasure.
 There was a hole in the floor that needed some fixing
 Shelving for canvasses and panels for painting were constructed
 And more shelving for car parts
Moving. Of course the spare engines had to find a place too. Even though they need to be rebuilt before use, they are useful to keep as spares for rebuild. 
 Where shall we put this dangling heap of scrap?
Put it under that there bench. Room to spare..
My first wooden door didn't come out really bad at all. Very barnsey I'd say. Painting the walls white makes the studio space much lighter. Very civilised!
More stuff to be hauled away ore moved.
CJ5 makes his final inspection of the old barn. Now you can see the pretty wooden beams.
An extra workbench always comes in handy. For framing or any other job fixing ..
Studio space basically finished. I intend to keep it as uncluttered as I can. Now I can move the painting tools.