Thursday, 25 January 2018

Hestia treadle sewing machine

Sometimes you feel very lucky. This Hestia treadle machine was given to me. The machine is complete and seems healthy and free. The cabinet is worn, but still very nice
 This is the cabinet when closed. The ducktape is to prevent de door from falling open while we move it. The key is with the machine, but it is broken. I'm sure I can find a new key.
 The inside of the machine looks good and the shuttle and bobbins are there.
 A nice combined Sphinx-Mercury decoration on the foot.
Another sphinx-mercuryon the body. It is interesting to see that the decorations are still very clear, but the Hestia brand name is almost gone. Perhaps Hestia bought these machines from another manufacturer and added their own name. Some more researching is needed here. I can find anything about the Hestia sewing machine brand.  If it is a post war machine it might be a Japanese clone, but I'm told this one is pre 1941.
 More decoration.
 System 705 could indicate it is Singer-inspired
Serial number is clear.
I think these decorations might be typical for a specific manufacturer, so they might help to find out more about this machine.