Friday, 5 October 2018

Wire to steel: MGB Axle and wheel swap part two

In my last post The axle was off and I was ready to move the new axle in place. Now it is all done and the Blue MGB rolls on a nice set of RoStyles.  
 But first the new axle needs to be fitted. Here the old and new together.
 Rolling the axle under the car.
 With one leaf spring shackle disconnected the wider Axle can be jacked in position.
 New rubber seals on the bearing caps
 Everything possible is smothered in anti corrosion grease.
 Of course the axle is fixed with new spring U-bolts.
 Cleaned up the back plates fitted too.
 New brake pipes and flares made up
 and ready for fitting
 Hubs fitted and new rear wheel cylinders in place.
 And shoes looking good
 With the rear axle fitted and the brakes bled and adjusted I could finally try out the new axle. All's well. It just looks a bit strange with the odd combination of wheels.
 So we move to the front of the car to fit the front hubs with new bearings, seals and brake discs.
 And while we're at it, why not new calipers too?
 Now we' re done. Even though the MGB is strictly one year too old the Rostyles look good. 
 Now we're left with a pile of old bits.
 Compare the new(top) to the old wheels.