Sunday, 2 June 2019

No-Go Elfsteden 2019

For our annual trip North Starbuck was debuting as the mother ship to tow our little Seven special and haul our camping gear.
 Though it was hot weather we arrived ath the campsite without any issues and made camp.
 We made few trial of them took us to Balk for lunch.
 Where we parked next to this beautiful Oakland car.
 At the campsite the other entrants started to arrive. My eye was drawn to this majestic Morris Cowly. I was told it is for sale. Oh my...
 Friday is always the day of " Rondje Gaasterland"
 Everything went fine and the Seven was running strong as ever.
 But sadly another routine check back at the campsite showed one of the wheel nuts was broken from the hub.
It happened once before and it's not a bad fix, but I realised I didn't have a spare with me, so we decided to attend the rally as spectators.
 That was no hardship at all. We went to the beautiful town of Harlingen to see the convoy drive through.
 In Harlingen we found the checkpoint being set up right in front of our lunch spot.
 There was music
 And we saw most of the cars drive by.
 To my surprise we even saw this Austin Ten Sherborne in reborn condition.
In 2007 we dragged this derelict from a barn and in 2015 is this very Sherborne was collected to be restored.  It turned out very well as you can see.
 The older sister of Big Al drove by while we walked back to Starbuck.
 We drove back to Balk and found a nice shady spot to park and wave. Not bad at all.