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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Another Gritzner TS Sewing machine (1899)

 Here comes our second Gritzner TS high arm machine. This one was given to me by a relative, so it's rather special. Also this machine comes with the case. Often the case is lost. 
 The machine has not been used for a long time, so it is dusty and stiff to turn. Also the decorations have mostly worn off. But the mother of pearl flowers are still there. They are also different from the later machine.
 Also the key was lost, but I quickly found a fitting key in my cache. Actually the first key I tried fitted!
 The base is a little worn, but hey, it is 120 years old!
 The inlays are still mostly in tact. Maybe I can clean it up.
 The serail number database at Fiddlebase states this machine was manufactured in 1899. It is older than the the other TS as the number is lower.
 Now we have to find a way to refit the handle on the case.
 The machine comes with it's shuttle and a few accessories.
 This looks very dirty, but when I oiled the mechanism it came all free!
 The machine turns easily now. I'll leave it to soak a bit so the oil can reach all the mechanisms. Then I'll clean it up and see if it will sew! I bet it will sew nicely.