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Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Austin A55 Pickup: fixing a rusty sill and a rename to "Ziggy"

This is another messy job.  I knew there was a hole in the sill, but always when you start poking a little hole, there is more.
Starting with a hole drill shows how far the weak metal reaches. 
Inevitably it turns into a large hole
After a short time it was clear that the lower part of the sill under the door was bad. The interesting thing was that the rusty sill was mostly limited to the part that had been repaired about a decade ago. There was no cavity wax or other protection inside. 

The light through his part of the sill had a certain "Stardust" view, so it seems we're stuck on the name "Ziggy" now.    

Even the inner sill needed a new patch that had been patched before. 

L-shaped steel for the inner sill, so the outer sill can be attached later. 
The new sill ready for welding. I bought 1mm steel, but when I started working on it I found it hard to bend. Turned out it was 1.25mm when I measured it.  Took a lot of pounding and bending. 
Outer sill in place. First coat of primer on.
A little repair patch ready for fitting  to the floor. 
Almost done. I will get the correct shade of blue soon. 
Next hurdle was the safety test that star struck Ziggy passed without throwing a tantrum. Isn't that a relief?