Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Pfaff 130 treadle (1951)

There were several  treadle machines in the second hand store. The nicest was this Pfaff 130, so we took that one home. The machine seems in good condition. Only the zigzag is not moving, so it's soaking in oil now. 
 Another manual. Essential!
 The machine fokds neatly into the cabinet.
 Steel rods and the famous cleated belt.
 The machine tucked into the cabinet.
 In the cubby boxes I found this folding pair of scissors.
 View under the "hood"
 This is an older Pfaff 31 we saw in the store. Nice, but we liked the 130 better.
 Enormous Gritzner already sold and waiting for the new owner.
This Anker has a nice cabinet, but was incomplete.