Thursday 9 May 2019

General Electric Sewhandy( ca 1930)

Now this is a strange and wonderful sewing machine. Some say it's the ancestor to the Singer featherlight machines. But it was first made by Standard in 1928. This later machine we found is complete except for the powercord and the box insert to store accessories. But still it is a wonderful find.
 This machine was manufactured and marketed by General Electic
 Very pretty details. Like the stitch length lever.
 Imressive GE logo on the head of the machine.
 The shuttle arrangement is rather special too.
 Full instructions included.
 Sadly the power cord is missing, so it'll be a while before we can see if the motor still works.
 This reminds me of the later Elna grasshopper drive belt.
 Potentiometer pedal
 There are instructions for storage.
Proudly branded inside the box too.
You can find more about these machines here.