Monday 13 July 2020

Lada class 15 sewing machine

I knew this unmarked case contained a Lada Sewing machine, but when I got it the case was locked and there was no key. 
Fortunately I have a large tin full of different keys and I was lucky: I found a key that unlocked my treasure. Inside there was this beautiful green Lada sewing machine. The Lada sewing Company was established in Sobeslav, Czechoslovakia in September of 1919. I think this machine is a much later one, probably manufactured in the 1960s
The factory was closed in the 1970's but the company re-emerged and is now known as Minerva, which was the original company name when they re-located from Vienna to Sobeslav, acording to the website and

When I was offered this machine it was obvious it needed a place in our collection of car- branded sewing machines. Though in this instance the name Lada here does not have any link to the Russian car brand. This sewing machine was manufactured in Czechoslovakia. 
Mechanically it is a close version of a Singer class 15 machine with an oscillating hook .

Sadly the hook(bobbin housing) is missing, but I found a common type 15 item fits, so I have ordered a new one, so this machine should be complete and working quite soon.