Thursday 22 December 2022

Peugeot Starter motor problem

Very considerately the Peugeot 405 refused to start in the morning. This could have happened somewhere much less convenient. Still a problem that needed to be solved as I want a reliable car. It had hesitated to start a few times, so I thought it might be the battery or even an earthing problem. But in the end the car would only start after a tap on the solenoid. I heard a little "thunk" and then the car started easily.  
I decided the solenoid was definitely suspect and, as this a "new to us" car,  buying a new starter looked like the most reliable option to reach optimum reliability.   
I found it is not as easy to buy a new starter for such a "modern" as it is for our usual old cars as there are various starters available for this engine. The most probable replacement looked very different from the one I took out of the car. It was a great relief that this new starter did work and to celebrate I also treated the car to a new set of spark plugs. Now our "Josephine" starts and performs as smooth as a French limousine should.  Vraiment ça marche très bien!