Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Mini rod change seal modification

Another day at the little car garage. 
Leaking rod change seal on the Mini 1000. Fitted one of the new fangled modified kits with an additional shiny alloy bush and o-ring.
Rod change disconnected by removing the roll pin.

Seal removed. The old alloy bush is still in place. Came out easily by moving and wiggling the rod in and out. 
Old and new bushes side by side. Just replacing the seal and o-ring would have probably worked too. But the kit comes complete with bush. Some older cars don't have the bush. 
My theory is that when there is a bush already in place and it won't come out like it did here, the o-ring is still there and you might as well leave it and just change the seal. 

It's all fixed in place. Not sure how effective the bellows type cover is though.