Friday 3 March 2023

Bell portable sewing machine by Mabel France

So what's in this small white plastic case? Could it be one of these small recordplayers for "singles", popular in the sixties? 
But there's a very special little sewing machine neatly packed in here.
It is called "Bell". Though the Bell Micro MB was produced in the USA in the fifties, this one was manufactured in France, according to the printing on the base plate: "Machine a Coudre Bell production MABEL France".  
This is not a toy, but a fully functional sewing machine. The design is very pretty, with hints of streamlining in a lovely shade of green. The little metal table can be removed to convert to a free arm.   
All the writing on the machine is in French. This dial selects reverse and forward stitching. 
The manual is also in French. Maintenance? This page tells you to never use grease anywhere on this machine. 
Is it a ring for your lady? No this is the tiny bobbin case. The plastic bobbin is even smaller. I read the Singer 29 bobbin is about the same size. Very strange as the 29 is a huge machine.  
The pedal is a sturdy device, the actual pedal is a roller. Interesting. 
The American origins of the Bell show in this adaptor from 220 v. to 120v. 
Maybe this is a later addition as I also read that mains power was normalised from around 127v. to 220v. in 1956. 
This is on the base of the machine. "Machine a Coudre Bell production MABEL France".  

Sadly this Bell does not work at the moment. This is the main cog that transfers drive from the motor to the mechanism. 
It will be a little project to get this cute little machine sewing again.