Wednesday 1 November 2023

Trabant on the roll: making a start!


Making a start. As usual a little project grows into a slightly more involved job. 
The tester provided us with a neat todo list. Nothing we didn't expect, but it's still a little list of welding jobs, brakes and fuel leaks so we decided on a thorough brake overhaul while we're in there to remove the uncertified copper brake lines and stuck wheel cylinders. 

This small size roller frame makes these jobs much easier. 
A few rust repairs are in the cards Suppose 

With the car rolled on its side access to the underbody is very easy. 

Once the brake drums were off it was clear there was more of a leak than at first visible. 

The carburettor was leaking fuel and the threads on the float chamber were very weak, so we fitted a set of helicoil type inserts.