Friday 17 May 2024

Morris Minor ignition and sparkplugs


Not yet entirely satisfied with the tune of the Morris I decided to take a look at the ignition. 
When I took the points out , this earthing wire detached itself from the connector. Aren't we lucky that this happened when I was at home in the garage? Such a thoughtful little Morris.

I decided to fit the electronic unit that came with the car. 

These and some new will be kept in the boot for spares,
Although the red rotor arm was not bad, it looked a bit scratched, so I fitted a brand new old stock one. Again, the old rotor will stay with the car as a spare .  
When I tried to adjust the timing I found the distributor was moving in the block. Found this bolt very loose when I removed the distributor. After tightening the ignition could be adjusted to a more advanced position. The car feels much livelier now.  Also changed the sparkplugs to the type I use in my other Minor. These NGK BP6ES are the correct replacement for the Champion N9YC. The old ones are too short. Next we'll check the carburettor as I suspect there's a small vacuum leak and I can see a drop of fuel from the jet assembly.