Friday, 24 May 2019

Seven Opal Service

I'm sure there is more grease and oil on me than on the car but the service is done. We're ready to roll!

Monday, 13 May 2019

1929 Pfaff model 11

It seems our collection of Pfaff sewing machines now shows the main model development from the 1890s up to the early 1970s. This is the model 11. According to the serial number database this machine was manufactured in 1929.  Next I'll be looking for a model K I suppose.
 The case shows the way Pfaff not only copied the style of the Singer machines, but also the shape of the bentwood cases
 This is another nicely decorated machine along the lines of the Singer 28 family.
 The script is different from the later and earlier models
 Of course there is a "vibrating shuttle"
 The manual is in good condition.
 Proud medallion and pretty decorations on the machine bed.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Merry Morris Minor weekend trip (Zuidwolde)

To attend a Morris Minor club event in Zuidwolde we decided to drive to Drenthe avoiding the motorways. While this was obviously not the shortest or fastest way,  it turned out to be a wonderful road trip. We even happened upon a nice local car show in Epe while looking for a place to stop for lunch. 


Thursday, 9 May 2019

General Electric Sewhandy( ca 1930)

Now this is a strange and wonderful sewing machine. Some say it's the ancestor to the Singer featherlight machines. But it was first made by Standard in 1928. This later machine we found is complete except for the powercord and the box insert to store accessories. But still it is a wonderful find.
 This machine was manufactured and marketed by General Electic
 Very pretty details. Like the stitch length lever.
 Imressive GE logo on the head of the machine.
 The shuttle arrangement is rather special too.
 Full instructions included.
 Sadly the power cord is missing, so it'll be a while before we can see if the motor still works.
 This reminds me of the later Elna grasshopper drive belt.
 Potentiometer pedal
 There are instructions for storage.
Proudly branded inside the box too.
You can find more about these machines here.

Morris Minor leaky brake pipe and service

 It's almost time for the bi-annual test and the Morris has been behaving well. Service time!
 The usual oil change greasing and adjustments and fixing a blocked windscreen washer.
Brakes cleaned and inspected. Maybe the handbrake can be improved by changing the shoes. Weĺl do that later.
 The differential was wet, but from brake fluid. Nasty! For some reason the pipe connected to the threeway block was leaking from the connector. As the pipe looked fine I made a new flare. The old flare was not straight. Still, it has been on the car without trouble for many years.  This just shows how important regular checks are.
The exhaust was loose.  Made an additional bracket to fix the exhaust to the block. Much better.