Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Goodbye Wolseley New Ten

Sometimes less is more they say. With one Austin more it seemed like a good idea to have one Wolseley less. Today the new keeper of the Wolseley drove the car home. I expect the car will provide many more pleasant miles. The Wolseley has come a long way from the wreck that was pushed on the trailer years ago.
 This was how it was. A rolling shell with boxes of parts to be reassembled.
 Only a few rusty bits, so not much welding.
 Deciding the colour took a while.
 All the panels painted and ready for reassembly.
 A little engine fettling.
 Almost ready for the rear wings.
 Mostly there. After the first drive.
Here the Wolseley together with it's replacement the Austin Seven Opal, at the 2016 Elfsteden Rally. Fond memories! 

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Leaky Wagoneer coolant expansion tank fix

I had bought a new coolant expansion tank a few years ago. Sadly the new tank started leaking after a short time. I did try to plastic weld the leak, but that repair did not hold, so I decided to use a tank from another car.
This is the old tank with several repairs. 
 This is the tank from an Austin Maestro. Even though the austin is a smaller car, the tank is larger .
I made a bracket, so I could use the Jeep strap to fit the new tank and fitted some new hoses. Pressure tested the system and made a successful test run.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Milling around Millingen

For the thirtieth time the little town of Millingen was flooded by hordes of old cars and even more people enjoying the event.

The little Seven enjoyed the run, even though the weather was quite warm.
 This is another Austin. An Austin A40 Sports.
 Old tractors were everywhere.

 Stanley Steamer
 Trucks in different sizes
 You could even take a ride on a small steam train
 Old motorbikes. These are BMW.
 This gentleman mus be wondering if he can lift this little Autobianchi.
 Some heavy machinery too. A big stationary engine.
 This must be a homebuilt Citroen special. I think there is an old Buick sidevalve Six in there.
 Driving past one of the windmills
 Lunch stop
 A big bridge for our little Seven. At Emmerich.
 Starting from the old shipyard
 Under the big ryusty gantry crane.
 Look at the variety of cars.
And they' re off!

Friday, 22 June 2018

(T)rusty Rover repair

The faithful Rover is about 22 years old now, so it's no surprise there are some rust issues.
The sills were welded a few years ago and they seem to hold up well, so it was time to cut out the rust and weld some new patches to the rear wheel arches and fix the rust on one front wing.

Sunday, 17 June 2018 Annual Club weekend

This year's annual camping weekend took us to Friesland. It is always nice to tour the beautiful landscapes and small towns here.  This time there were no pre-1950 cars, but later Austin, Morris, Wolseley, Triumph and Rover cars.