Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Austin Seven radiator fixed

Today I fixed the Austin Seven radiator. There was only a slight leak. Small, but large enough to empty the top tank after a few hours of slow "parade". And we have to "parade" again next week. Well, they call it a rally, but there was a bit too much parading last year.

Good thing the whole front of the car can be taken apart. Found that the radiator is clamped in place in the shell. No nuts and bolts. Very ingenious.

The radiator is soldered. I could only find a small hole. No rust. I suppose the soldering in this spot was weak from new.

Did some cleaning and checking here too. Couldn't see any problems.

There might be a small internal leak too, but I couldn't find it. Let's try again with a fixed radiator..Smart eh?