Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Bronco Carb revisited

I expected that the carburator I used on the Bronco was too big. Also the vacuum problem returned, so I think I can assume it was not the carb that caused the problems in the first place. Though I did find the chokeflap of the old carb flapping, so that wouldn't help I suppose. I fixed the choke by changing the broken plastic actuatorthingie with a metal one made out of part an electric connector. I also made up some new gaspets of old fashioned thick gasketpaper. So I decided to take my big Holley off and put the original Autocraft one back. The Holley can go back to the J10.I did find some vacuumleaks(again). With the new gaskets I can't find any airleaks near the carb and adaptor. Having a choke again is nice too. It runs better and I hope it stays that way now.