Sunday, 24 May 2009

Elfstedentocht Friesland 2009: Exploded battery

Entered the famous Elfstedentocht for old cars with the Seven this weekend. Great event through 11 towns with lots of amazing cars of before 1949. But the Battery exploded in the first town. Went off like a gunshot. Ithought my engine had backfired, but as everything was dead I knew what it was within seconds. I had some doubts about the regulator before, but I never thought it was doing 17.5v! The regulator was bad and the ANWB-guy couldn't get it fixed. Well actually he messed it up some more, but I can't blame him. They can be errattic any good day..
It happened at the doorstep of a little shop and the owner said:" I have such a battery". And he did! So we borrowed it and drove back to the campsite. Then we hosed the whole car down to get the acid out and followed the rally a little in the Van. Great picture taking ops, so here is a small selection.

Allmost 400 very old cars.

And 200 motor cycles.

Roughing it. No Chuckwagon here! Made do with the restaurant on the premises. Not bad at all!

Plenty of enthousiasts playing.

Visitors showing their classics, like this beautiful Swiss Jeep firetruck conversion. I had to follow it to take pictures. Just parked the Seven and jumped out. When I came back Beatrijs was being interviewed by the local radio station.I had parked on their doorstep......

Maybe a tiny whiff.....

Going nowhere in the Seven

Extremely dead battery.

Trying to get the regulator to regulate.

But the alternative is not so bad afterall.

The green machine made it. Even though the Dynastart threatened to play up.

On the way home after a great event. The Seven looking a bit acid.....

And there are more pictures here.