Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Some Minor valve issues and Kevlar surprise

H-J's Minor didn't sound healthy at all when we wanted to saddle up for the clubweekend. Some quick examination meant the verdict was"burnt valve". So the Minor stayed in the Rusty workshop and we went on our way in the Wolseley and Rover. After the weekend we dismantled the head and did indeed find a burnt valve. As the Minor needed to go home asap we fitted one of my spare Mini cylinder heads, so we can have some proper fettling done on the Minor's head later(did I just say "mañana"?).

So there it is: not sealing well on the hardened seats.

Such friendly cars to work on. Lots of room to play.

I think we'll get a new valve. The dragon's breath chewed this one!

We had another surprise when the top waterhose split. There was no reinforcement in the hose at all! Even though there was still a sticker on the hose proudly announcing:"Kevlar reinforced"! This was not a cheap autojumble hose , but a hose by a well known and respected supplier. They were as surprised as I was when I asked about this later.So from now on I'll always check if I can see the reinforcement before fitting the hose.