Monday, 22 November 2010

MGB oil and filter change

After all the sensation of getting a new old Wolseley there was some routine maintenance for the MGB GT. I changed the oil and filter. The filter is a paper element fitted upside down. So it's important to have a suitable container in a strategic position. Of course I dropped the sump plug into the container too, so I had to sift through the dirty oil to find it. Glad I use vinyl gloves nowadays. After changing the filter for a new one and refilling the sump I cranked the engine with the ignition and fuelpump disconnected to build up some pressure. Then with oilpressure on the gauge and the ignition and pump reconnected the car started right up. I always think a car sounds much sweeter with new oil in the sump.
This time I didn't forget to stick a piece of duct tape with the date on the outside of filterhousing so I'll know when the oil needs changing again.