Sunday, 30 January 2011

4x4Anders Cj5 Run

A good run in cold weather. The trails were frozen solid.

Still some seemed to get stuck.

Navigating is always the most difficult task. But at least the ride is comfortable and warm in a new Wrangler Rubicon.

Though some just followed the leader in an older Jeep...

Ad did a good job navigating us. We made all of the first half of the run before the instructions stumped us. He did mention it was a tad nippy.

Great Japanese appliance ambulating down the track.

What? No door?

The owner calls this one the Green Prowler....really...

After all the Japanese toolboxes is was a great sight to see this Champ softly bouncing on the farmtracks.

Cj behaved well the whole run. There was just one glitch when the ignition lock started smoking when we wanted to drive home and I had to rig some wiring to get the coil and fuelpump connected again. Then we drove home without mishap.

Some more pictures here.