Thursday, 19 May 2011

Flaring up

Playing with the flaring tool to make up brakelines.This is the first one I made up from a set of Minor lines, but it was too short so I made another one off a roll of cupronickel. Harder than just copper. Though the old copper lines were at least 30 years old and still in perfect condition. Only the steel connections had stuck on, so I could not reuse them. But I will use the ready made copper Minor lines where I can.

A flare on the copper pipe.

The rear is connected now. I'm waiting for the correct banjo, so I can connect the (Minor)master cylinder and front brakes. Wheels off to get to the wheel cylinders. It will be a "hybrid" system with a Minor master cylinder and Wolseley wheel cylinders using various Minor and home flared pipes to connect it all up. See how it works...